Cats have cat nip, but dogs…what do they have?  Bitches never have to worry about their pups growing up to be drug addicts, do they?

My daughter’s nine and I’ve been worried since day one. And a new study discussed in Wall Street Journal’s Health Blog doesn’t make me feel any better either–dubbing today’s youth as “Generation Rx”.
How sad, disturbing, and overwhelmingly unsurprising to hear.  Guess I should be glad the hard core drugs of the 80s and 90s are on the outs now-a-days, but if they’re simply being replaced by sedatives and prescription meds, have we really made any progress? 

Media has certainly done a bang up job vilifying cocaine and heroin, but did you know that prescription drugs kill 300 percent more Americans than illegal drugs. What does this mean for our kids?

It means Americans need to come to grips with their knee jerk reaction today to pop a pill when faced with life’s challenges.  Kids are increasingly growing up on the notion that pills can solve all their problems and many are medicated themselves. Perhaps even more alarming is that we tend to view prescription meds as relatively safe, since they are prescribed by a doctor and there isn’t a “say no to prescription drugs” campaign out there telling us otherwise.

So is it any wonder kids are riffling through their parents’ medicine cabinets when they just want to escape the pressures of everyday life?

Drug manufacturers spend a lot of money marketing their latest breakthroughs and I was amused by Chris Rock’s take on the “real” motivation for the US government to make certain drugs illegal. Kidding aside, what is a parent to do?

Once again, I look to my dog for some insight. What is the key to his happy, drug-free lifestyle?

  • Spend as much time as possible outside in the fresh air and sunshine.
  • Socialize with like-minded, well-disciplined pups while you’re young.
  • Rely on a strong pack leader to teach you right from wrong.
  • Don’t be afraid to viciously attack an unbalanced dog that threatens the stability of the pack.

Bringing up your kids to be strong so they are able to face the many challenges of adolescence ahead can be daunting. Need help? Adopt a dog.