As I watch Governor Deval Patrick  give the State of the State tonight, I have to snicker. I mean really, a politician with a multi-million dollar mansion, a tax-payer cadillac,  and $12,000 drapes in his office  is going to tell me about sacrifice and tightening my belt? Right…isn’t American Idol on tonight?

But before I get a chance to find out, Governor Patrick makes me really laugh when he starts talking about taking on the state’s ailing transportation systems. As I wipe my tears away, I realize, oh my god, he’s serious…

Are you freakin’ kidding me, Deval? Massacusettes doesn’t exactly have the best track record in this department.  “Big Dig”? $14.8 billion? Decades behind scheule? Any of this ringing a bell?

Well, let me sum it up for you: transportation projects are not our forte.

You know what you need, Deval? A few people just above the poverty line who pay their mortgages, utilities, credit cards, and other expenses every month despite the fact that they’re one paycheck away from bankrupcy. You know why? Because they can teach you a thing or two about living with less more than anyone else. You can take that to the bank.