i eat dogs like you for breakfast

I watch the Dog Whisperer and It’s Me or The Dog, I practice calm assertive energy and pack leadership. I take my dog for a long walk every day (ok, my husband does it when it’s really cold), taught him basic obedience and socialized him as a puppy.

Yet, somehow I have a 30 pound dog who thinks he’s a 150 pound rottweiler. He small, he’ll never win, but he’s a bully all the same.  Lucky for him, in the dog world it’s not your size that dictates your place in the pack–it’s ‘tude. And Dog Shaffer”s got a whole lot of it.

So, don’t hate me if my dog kicks your dog’s butt.  We’re still workin’ on it.

i'm trying to be a good boy

terror or terrier?