I don’t know about you, but there are few things that I keep hearing about on the news that I could care less about. In fact, I would like to openly beg TV newscasters, radio hosts, blog posters, Tweeters and the like to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE not write about these topics any more:

Michelle Obama’s fashion sense. Really people? I know fashion designers might be clinging to this story for their own survival, but come on. Why the fascination for the rest of you? Are we all really that shallow? Can Michele not be marveled for her intelligence or strength of character first?

Nadya Suleman. Yes, she had a litter of babies. Yes, she’s a freak. Yes, another example of why there should be something other than a womb required in order to become a parent.  But enough already.  Let her get back home and start the business of taking care of 14 kids. Let DSS keep an eye on her.

Sports players’ misconduct. Too many to mention, so why do we mention them? They are human. They make mistakes and do stupid things. They should be punished.

Celebrities. Why would I care who’s married to whom? Why would I care if so-n-so’s is in rehab. I don’t. Do you? I wonder what would happen if we only publicized celebrity good deeds? Like if a celebrity donated to a charity or participated in some volunteer activity that they really cared about? What if that was the only way for a celebrity to make it on the news? I know, that’s just crazy talk.

Bail outs. If the auto industry execs haven’t figured out teleporting yet, then we need to move on. We’re just delaying the inevitable. If the banks can’t manage money properly, who can? If my neighbors got a mortgage they can’t afford, shame on them.

I know there are about a hundred more things to add to this list, but I’ll let them go…for now.