Mandatory birth control?

Mandatory birth control?

I know I begged the media to stop talking about Nadya Suleman, but since they can’t seem to let it go,  I’m here to offer a few suggestions that I’ve been kicking around in my head for years that will surely put an end to incapable parents birthing more than their share of children in the future.

First, a few scary annual facts about children in the US:

My suggestions–

Licensing: Why is being physically able to incubate a baby the only criteria required to become a parent in this country?  You need a license to drive, to own a dog and to play the radio in a restaurant, so why not one to prove you’re responsible enough and have the means to raise a human being?

Birth limits based on available bedrooms: There are regulations on how close to the property line you can put up a fence in your backyard and your town will make you pull a permit to add a bedroom. But add eight kids next door and no one questions it? Come on!

Birth control for everyone under the age of 21: Birth control costs between $20-50/month. The cost of raising a child ranges from $120-$250K (for the first 17 years at least). Not a big fan of the pill? Check out these other suggested forms of birth control.

Drug test the mother and the father: If you can’t give up your drugs, then maybe you should rethink that pregnancy thing. It was cool in high school and all, but now you are just plain pathetic and selfish.

Child discipline training: Parents tend to parent like their parents. See the problem? Let’s commit to bringing up responsible, respectful, balanced human beings–not second-rate images of ourselves.