Some have questioned the wisdom of posting my personal thoughts for all the world to see on the Internet. Others have warned me to be careful about my tone, to be mindful not to say too much and for god’s sake, to keep some things private.

Thanks for your concern dear friends and family, but with all due respect: screw that.

I know it is risky and probably down right stupid of me to be doing this, but you only live once, right?

Problem is that not too long ago I only thought about blogging.  Although I wrote all day long, I also wrote nothing all the same.

At that time, my writing consisted mostly of contract letters that were printed formally on company letterhead or emails to warn clients not to pay their past due bill or to remind a peer that a project deadline was coming up. Oh if you could have seen them! My letters and emails were a work of art–carefully crafted with well-thought out language, tone and structure.  I wonder if any of the recipients of my letters ever said, “Wow, this is a very well written letter!”

Mmm, I doubt it.

Some days I wrote text for a company web page or two–agonizing over whether to use “prestigious” or “renown” when describing a special guest. Whether to bold or italicize for emphasis. To center. To justify or not (and then justify the choice to myself). The fiddling that can be done with a few clicks is endless, but I demand perfection.

Other days, I would have some real fun and proofread a piece before it went to print. A comma missing here, a stray capital there (does anyone else use spell check?) and terrible sentence structure there. Wow, who knew there could be so many mistakes in draft number 347? Chalk up another save to me and my little red pen. Sadly, no one else is keeping score.

As exciting as it may be to write for other purposes, the down side is that a lot of my skill goes under the radar and it’s not something I’m able to easily portray in a portfolio.

Because everyone notices bad writing. No one notices the good.

Except when you blog.

I agree, blogging is risky. We’ve all heard the stories about a mistakes others have made.

I have opinions and am passionate about what I do. I’m bound to ruffle a few feathers along the way.

But not blogging would be the bigger risk don’t you think?