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I know I’m lucky.

But sometimes, I need a reminder.

Like for the past few days my hands have been stiff and painful.

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I could have ran the Boston Marathon today, but I didn’t.

Why not, you ask?

1. Too Easy. I ran .2 miles over the past week (although I haven’t actually measured it, I’m sure all those errands add up to something), so I’m sure 26 more would have been a cake walk. I’m holding out for a real challenge, like 500 or 1,000 miles.

2. Too Cold. Down right nippy today. I prefer running in 90+ degree weather with high humidity.  Africa is where the “real” marathons are run. Just ask a cheetah or a gazelle.

3. Don’t want to take away from other’s amazing stories. I’m fairly certain that if a story broke about a 36-year-old couch potato living in Ashland running in the Boston Marathon, it would definitely steal the spotlight away from the Hoyts or the bunny men below. I just couldn’t live with that kind of guilt.

Who am I to steal their thunder?

Who am I to steal their thunder?

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2285674443_e981f4d1fa_m1You know that kid movie about the woolly mammoth who thinks he’s the last woolly mammoth on earth? When he realizes he’s one step away from total extinction?

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537167308_01d5f493a4_m1Where did all the time go? Don’t know about you, but my days are disappearing quicker than last year at this time. What are my biggest time suckers?

Social Freakin’ Media:

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