There’s a lot of talk around Washington these days regarding health care reform. But do any of us think that a bunch of bureaucrats lining their pockets with health insurance company campaign funding are really going to make changes necessary that benefit sick people?

I have my doubts.

So, I have an alternative plan–one that may be met with some resistance at first. But I’m sure you’ll realize soon enough that it is the only alternative we have–kill all sick people before their health care costs get out of hand.

I know, to some this may seem drastic–even inhumane–but think about it for a second:

If you look to nature, other animals don’t have doctors and health insurance. The mother dog pushes the runt away and doesn’t feed it.  The mother bird pushes out the weak from the nest so she can feed just the strong. Lions wouldn’t have anything to eat if there weren’t some sick water buffalo for them to take down. Survival of the fittest is nature’s way.

Let’s take the whole emotional aspect out for a second and think about this from a purely logical standpoint:

Caring for sick people takes a lot of money, time and they might not recover in the end. So why perpetuate the inevitable? Why not just euthanize our sick right after a poor diagnosis?

And if someone loses a leg or is paralyzed–why should the healthy people pay for them not to work? If you get hurt on the job or in a car accident, responsible police on the scene could just put down the wounded like they do when a horse breaks it’s leg–one shot to the head. No more money out the window.

Sure, we could have universal health care instead–where every person is treated no matter where they work, how sick they are and how much money they have. And, yeah, we could have the luxury of never having to worry about co-pays, referrals and pre-approvals and all that bureaucratic red tape ever again.

And we could learn from other successful industrialized countries like Canada, France and England who allow people to focus on getting well, rather than how much it’s going to cost them to run that test, to stay an extra day in the hospital or to buy that medication.

We could incentivize doctors to spend the quality time with their patients and convince them to take up healthy habits as opposed to incentivizing doctors to run less tests and spend less time with patients so they can save insurance companies money.

We could, but we won’t.

I mean, this is America damn it. We don’t need to learn anything from anybody–especially Canada and France! Pa-LEEZ. We are surely the far superior country and we will be the pioneers in health care reform, thank you very much.

We just need a little more time to figure it out. Say, another 50 years.

In the meantime, I think we should all get over the whole compassion for the human race thing and just start killing off the sick who are really screwing this whole thing up for everyone else. I mean, we all pay ridiculously high health insurance premiums so insurance companies can get rich, not so sick people can try every treatment known to man to get better.

Write your congressman and feel free to use my idea as your own. Or find out more about universal health care and join the cause. It’s our choice.