Again, sorry for the long lapses between posts. Unemployment can be a real time-sucker.

Thought I’d update everyone on my recent activities since my life is that interesting and I know you are all dying to know.

First, I enjoyed the last few weeks of summer and didn’t stress too much about the whole needing money to live thing. I managed to do this quite easily and am really missing the warm beach weather and carefree lifestyle–A LOT.

Now that school is back in session and I’m home alone to my own devices, I have been applying for jobs like a mad woman. Not much happening the first week and then I got two calls this week! Wahoo! I’m also now working with a recruiter (thank god) and she seems to have some promising prospects for me. Keep your fingers crossed.

Next, I’ve become a blogging whore. I posted two articles on the newly formed Bloggers Bulletin. It’s a blog about all things blogging. Apparently, since I know how to do it now, I can give advice to others! Who would have thunk it?

I’m also creating a new “professional” blog at It’s slowly coming along, but I think I have a theme, title and tag line that I like, so now I can tweak the look a bit with my own pictures and stuff and start blogging. I wrote a quick first article for it too. Although, I’m not 100% happy with it, so it’s more of a placeholder right now–just to make sure I like the layout. Let me know what you think.

Another interesting project I’m involved in is participating in a new community of health activists for the Boston area. A social media community manager saw my blog on stress and invited me to join the group in the development stage. They sent me a video camera and asked me to shoot a short video of myself doing a healthy activity (if they only knew what a slacker I am). I’ve taken a couple practice videos, but I keep shooting the top of my head, so I think I’ll enlist my girl soon to be my camera woman (iCarly style). I cannot reveal too many details about the site now (or they will kill me), but I will surely let you know when the site launches.

OK, back to the job search…