Yep, it's true. He can do dishes.

Maria Shriver is annoying me.

And that itself bugs me because I try not to immediately get annoyed by a successful, beautiful woman because…well, that’s what women do. They are quick to criticize. Other women. And I like to think I’m better than those women.

But, nevertheless, Maria is bugging the crap out of me this week with her “A Woman’s Nation” special reports on NBC.

Not that I don’t agree that woman are earning more money and sharing the burden of managing the home and the kids with their husbands more than 30 years ago, but it just irks me that we need to highlight it like it’s some unbelievable phenomenon.

Personally, I don’t need a cheerleader. Or a high five. I just need to get shit done.

For example, my husband and I got up this morning–both having the day off–and started on the household chores. He dropped our daughter off at school and walked the dog. I went grocery shopping. He then started on the yard fall clean up routine while I made one last apple crisp. He vacuumed, while I cleaned the bathroom and swept the floors. Then we ate lunch.

The point of my thrilling recount of the first half of my day is that we just do what needs to get done. There aren’t negotiations or hurt egos. We just do. Because that’s what you should do when you share a house and a child and a life.

Sure, my husband does fear my wrath to some degree, but he also likes a clean house and food and clean laundry, so he does his part. And likewise, I do mine.

As far as money, I pay the bills because I’m organized and meticulous and a bit obsessive compulsive about it. So, my husband gladly gives up the stress of that responsibility. Do I make more money than him? Maybe. Would my success make my husband feel like less of a man?

God, I would kill him if it did.

My husband also stayed home with our daughter when she was a baby. He took her to play groups and hung out with other moms all day. And let me tell you, he was the only dad who did.

So, I guess some of us aren’t that liberated yet, Maria.