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What  am I thankful for this Thanksgiving? I’ll give you a hint–it’s not my family or friends. Or freedom or liberty. It’s the low points in life that really define who we are and I’m thankful for them…now.

I’m thankful for:

1. Adopting a puppy when I was still a sophomore in college and living in an on-campus  dorm. Otherwise, I never would have met my husband.

2. Getting fired from my waitressing job and going on vacation to Mexico the same week with less than $50 in my pocket. The first time I realized that I could face adversity head on and still have a good time.

3. Knowing what it’s like to live in chronic, daily, debilitating pain. Without it, I may have missed what is really important in my life.

4. Losing my job and my health insurance. I might have never fully understood what a life saver unemployment is OR one of the major problems with our health care system.

5. Starting this blog as a constructive outlet for my frustration with the world around me. Without it, I may have had to kill several annoying people in my life. Read the rest of this entry »

Donald DraperI’m not sure how this happened, but I only just started watching “Mad Men” with only five episodes left in season three.  It’s especially weird because it is so my kind of show–drama mixed with social commentary mixed with tragically flawed characters (including a couple of struggling writers no less!).

Seriously, where have I been?

Despite the fact I am woefully under-informed about who these characters are and how they have ended up where they are now, I found myself deeply moved by the main character, Don Draper’s simple proclamation in this season’s finale episode:

“I want to work.” Read the rest of this entry »

There has been a lot of press the past couple of days regarding the behavior of a New Mexico female soccer player that has been deemed by some as “unsportsmanlike”.  If you haven’t seen the footage yet, check it out:

Unbelievable, right?

I know what you’re thinking–Elizabeth Lambert is my freakin’ hero.

My daughter plays soccer and it is a physical game. There is elbowing, pushing and tripping happening all over the place (and she’s only nine). I used to worry she would get hurt, but now, I realize those mean girls are just prepping her for college ball and beyond. I should thank them.

I’m putting Elizabeth Lambert’s picture up on my daughter’s wall. After all, this is exactly what people pay money to see.

The reality is that my girl has got to toughen up if she’s going to compete. Sports isn’t about winning or losing–it’s about who can do the most damage to whom AND get the most press coverage.

Because how else are girls going to get people to come watch their games?

Men have been battling it out on the field or court for the benefit of the audience for years–seriously, does anyone really watch hockey for the players’ skating skills?

For the women, I think it started with Tonya Harting and her psycho ex-husband–they were a spectackular train wreck no one could take their eyes off.  Sure they almost ruined Nancy Kerrigan’s career, but millions tuned in to see the ultimate battle unfold–and that’s just good television. We should thank Tonya for her efforts to propel the popularity of women’s figure skating.

And football? Bull riding? Running of the bulls?  Who doesn’t watch these things in the hopes of seeing someone paralyzed, trampled or gored?

Cheap shots, fights, breaking the rules and horrible injuries. This is the stuff we admire. This is the stuff we watch.

Unsportsmanlike? I think not. It’s exactly sportsmanlike.