Is this the kind of poo you're looking for?

Like most bloggers, I check my stats now and then. But I’m not obsessive about it. Nor do I really think much about SEO when I write posts for this blog. I just stick to the writing and if people find me and like me, then great.

Upon occasion, I have found myself slightly perplexed albeit amused by the odd search terms used that have resulted in some random freak stumbling upon my blog.

Now I’m sure some of thoee freaks readers were pleasantly surprised by my sharp wit and pen prowess, but it is possible a few were disappointed.

For example:

“people getting pooped on”

Wow. I’m not even sure which post of mine popped up for this search, but this person obviously was looking for a shit show and got me talking shit. Hope they quickly moved on to find what they were really looking for and will not be back.

“proud of my slut daughter” and “whore daughter”

This one is obviously tied to my very popular, My daughter the whore  post, but I never knew there were so many people searching for slutty daughter posts. I’ve made a note to write more. A lot more. Let’s hope my daughter continues to provide good source material.

“tiny bikini groups”

This must have stemmed from my rant about people whose life mission is to ruin my peaceful, beach experience, but I think the picture they got was not exactly what they were looking for. And that makes me smile. Ha. Pervs.

“kill sick people”

Dr. Kevorkian better watch out. While I am also a right-to-die activitist, I go a couple steps beyond Kevorkian’s conservative approach–I’m an advocate for saving myself and the country a few bucks via death panels. If your care is going to cost me money, then I objectively sentence you to a quick and painless death. And if you are also a jerk, then I would be an advocate for long and painful deaths as well.

“real picture of women eating dog”

What the? I absolutely do not have a post about a woman eating a dog! Maybe a dog eating a dog? And I do have several posts about my very insightful dog teaching me all he knows about  religion instincts  and business. Maybe I should write more posts about people biting animals? Hmm..I’ll think about it.

Got some crazy people landing on your blog? Share your most ludicous or just plain lude.