Back off, mister. I'm not in the mood.

When I started writing this blog, I didn’t think it through all that much. I mean, I had read a bunch of blogs, I had some post ideas and I knew a few social media tricks to generate some traffic to my blog. And, yeah, I like to write.

So, I jumped.

But after doing it for more than a year, I sometimes find myself crumbling under the pressure–the pressure to put out. And frankly, I’m not always in the mood.

I realize that most of the pressure I feel is an internal battle that I have no hope of winning. Part of me wants to write amazing posts every day. The other part of me has to work, has a house to keep and a child to rear and has to sleep on occasion.

My unrealistic goal is to put out an endless supply of posts that will make my readers laugh, think and want more of me.

But most of the time, I spend a week or more contemplating what I’m going to write–working within the confines of the following rules that I have subconsciously set for myself:

  • I must post once a week no matter how busy I am
  • I must be witty, sarcastic and funny
  • I must subtly confront some annoying societal habit in my posts without outwardly criticizing anyone
  • I cannot complain about my job directly (even if I want to strangle everyone there)
  • I can’t talk about my family too much because for some reason that constitutes some “mommy blogger” stereotype that I am not comfortable with
  • I will not give advice and will not try to sell anything

Why do I write by these rules? I have no idea.

This is a personal endeavor, damn it. Nothing more than an outlet for my frustrations and need to write.

Maybe I just need to live in the moment and go with whatever feels right–whether I end up being a tease who only puts out on the rarest of occasion or a blogging whore who just can’t jump into to bed with my laptop and WordPress enough.

Personally, I think I can go both ways. I’m flexible. I’m creative. But I have short bursts of energy and long dry spells just like anyone else (right?).

I’ve come to terms with the fact that my blog is a reflection of my reality and can survive regardless.

I just hope my readers will stick with me and support me during short pauses of blogging dysfunction.

You’ll still love me, right?