Idiots Rule!

You know what this country needs? More idiots in the spotlight.

Maybe I’m just sick and tired of all the logical and thoughtful banter I’ve been hearing on NPR lately. But you know educated debate is BORING. We Americans need entertainment. We don’t need to learn about foreign affairs or other cultures or history or any of that kind of crap.

No sir. We need to give more people like  Pastor Terry Jones a voice.  Because nothing says news like a pathetic wacko with a heap of hatred for a religion with one major fault–it’s not his.

And so what if by elevating Pastor Jones to national recognition means Muslims around the world might think that we’re all a bunch of intolerant jerks. I’m sure they have their idiots too–like the car bomber who locked his keys in his car in NYC. Now, that’s entertaining stuff.

If I had one wish it would be for credible media to jump on the FOX news bandwagon, stop fact checking and just give us what we want–a major train wreck.

Bring us another idiot!

Because we all know there is an endless supply of them out there.