Isn't he precious? So wierd that he grew up and gunned down 5 classmates.

Looking at the calendar, you may not be surprised to find that we are largely a nation that celebrates birthdays and victories–moments in time when we are at our best. Or at least, moments we can be proud of.

What we don’t celebrate is our lowest hours, our failures and dark moments that define how we think and act towards others.¬† Rarely do we put a spotlight on moments we should be ashamed of.

Maybe it’s about time we did.

Perhaps we don’t because our calendars would soon fill with acts of revenge, bullying, pathetic disaster responses and crimes against the environment. Or perhaps we don’t because we’re just a bunch of delusional idiots who try to forget moments that embarrass us as quickly as we can.

But don’t we grow from the moments that hurt the most? Here are a few ideas I have to keep the shame top-of-mind:

1. Build year-round terrorist theme parks–Hezbollah style.

2. Thank god I divorced you day–remember the hate and celebrate.

3. Toxic waste appreciation week. Hug an oily turtle. Swim in a toxic pool. Visit a cancer ward.

4. Admit you screwed up royally day. A day for politicians to tell us how they messed up–really, really bad.

5. Crimes against humanity day. Take a look back on all the people who have been persecuted and decide–who’s next?

6. Admit you’re a bully day. We focus a lot on the victims. Let’s give a bully their¬† moment to shine.

7. Abuse your power day. People abuse their power every day. Let’s try to get it down to only one day.

8. Mandatory lose your home week. It’s like camping!

9. Dependence on foreign oil day–a day without using any petroleum-based products. That should be wicked easy.

10. Expose your kid to neighborhood violence day–or at least a pedophile.

Got any ideas of your own? Share the shame.