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Kiss my ass

Hello everyone. Yes, apparently I decided to take the summer off from my blog. Can’t say that was by design or anything, but hey, you get what you pay for.

To catch you up on my life, it’s been a busy, yet uneventful summer. My daughter is 10 and is asking for a cell phone. My dog still follows me everywhere and eats the occasional shoe. And my husband longs to booze it up like we did when we were 20, but he mostly ends up having one drink and falling asleep.

All-in-all, our current lame-ass, boring life is a nice change from other times in our lives of late. I realize that every life has challenges and our bad times certainly could have been worse, but still–they totally sucked at the time.

Most recently, late 2007-late 2009 is what I now refer to as the era of Total Crazy Shit Happening. Read the rest of this entry »


Is this the kind of poo you're looking for?

Like most bloggers, I check my stats now and then. But I’m not obsessive about it. Nor do I really think much about SEO when I write posts for this blog. I just stick to the writing and if people find me and like me, then great.

Upon occasion, I have found myself slightly perplexed albeit amused by the odd search terms used that have resulted in some random freak stumbling upon my blog.

Now I’m sure some of thoee freaks readers were pleasantly surprised by my sharp wit and pen prowess, but it is possible a few were disappointed.

For example:

“people getting pooped on”

Wow. I’m not even sure which post of mine popped up for this search, but this person obviously was looking for a shit show and got me talking shit. Hope they quickly moved on to find what they were really looking for and will not be back. Read the rest of this entry »