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Mandatory birth control?

Mandatory birth control?

I know I begged the media to stop talking about Nadya Suleman, but since they can’t seem to let it go,  I’m here to offer a few suggestions that I’ve been kicking around in my head for years that will surely put an end to incapable parents birthing more than their share of children in the future.

First, a few scary annual facts about children in the US:

Cats have cat nip, but dogs…what do they have?  Bitches never have to worry about their pups growing up to be drug addicts, do they?

My daughter’s nine and I’ve been worried since day one. And a new study discussed in Wall Street Journal’s Health Blog doesn’t make me feel any better either–dubbing today’s youth as “Generation Rx”.
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My dog is a mutt, which makes him fit in quite well with our family. My husband is Jewish and I was brought up Catholic. Together, we are atheists/pagans/heretics/agnostic…we haven’t really figured out which yet, but we’ll decide some day.

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