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I’m not one for resolutions, but I’ve been mulling over what I can achieve this year. What new challenges lurk around the corner? What new goals can I set for myself? What can I do that’ll make me and my family proud?

Experts say that you should set small, attainable goals rather than going big and risk going another year with nothing to show for it.

Thank you, experts! Here’s my top 10 small, attainable goals for 2010:

10. I will stop eating vegetables

9. I will gain 10 pounds

8. I will spend money I do not have

7. I will end my affair with Tiger Woods

6. I will stop taking steroids to improve my game

5. I will inject more caffeine into my diet

4. I will drink alone more

3. I will nag my husband to take on new house projects he has no business doing

2. I will ignore my family’s future and invest in nothing

1. I will get one year older

Are you with me? What’s your goal for 2010?