For those of you who may have read my post on religion, you know I’m not exactly a practicing Catholic. But, the whole Lent thing got me thinking. If I were to “give up” something this year, what would it be? I mean, in this economy, do I really need to give up my morning home-brewed generic brand coffee or my tub of chocolate ice cream that I use for emergencies only?

So, I thought about it and then it hit me–I can give up something that doesn’t cost me a thing: a personality flaw.

Here are my nominated personality flaws. Choose my most offensive personality flaw and vote!

Being nice: I have this tendency to take others feelings into account and not say exactly what I’m thinking. Like, “You dumb fuck” actually comes out as “That’s a great idea ________, but that’s not the direction we’re going in right now”. This hasn’t worked out so well for me since it usually doesn’t work the other way around and these damn people keep coming back with more dumb ideas. This Lent, I’m vowing to let everyone have it and say it like it is.

Being conscientious: Typically, I work hard, stay late when needed, take on more projects than required and worry about how every task that falls behind or goes over budget effects the big picture. This crazy, reckless behavior has earned me sleepless nights, flat teeth and a few gray hairs. This Lent, I’m vowing to let someone else take the heat.

Being respectful: I was brought up to respect my elders, regardless of how crazy they sound. This Lent, I’m calling out all those crazy old people in my life who have no clue what they are talking about, CEO or not.

Being dependable: I have never been late for anything in my life and if I commit to doing something, I actually do it. I know, where did that silly notion of accountability come from?  I hereby vow to blow off as many commitments as possible this Lent, so ask for my help at your own risk.

Being funny: Ya know, I’m wicked funny. I usually laugh so much all day long that it hurts. In fact, I have this other crazy idea that you can have fun and work hard all at the same time. I understand that this is not acceptable behavior in normal society. So, this Lent I’m going to be sullen and humorless . I’m not even going to crack a smile–I’ll be like one of those English Guard dudes.

Time to vote!  I may even keep you posted on my progress over the next 40 days and nights (unless you pick “being dependable”, because then I’m just going to blow this whole thing off instead).