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samanthaThis week I’m dedicating my blog post to my daughter. Look at that mug!

Not only is she the cutest thing and the best daughter ever, she’s putting all of us adults to shame by riding 10 miles in the PMC Kids Ride on Sunday, June 14th in Concord, MA to raise money for kids with cancer.

Not only is it awesome that she’s a kid helping kids, she’s doing it for the 2nd year in a row!

There’s only a few weeks left before the big ride, so please donate–a $1, $5 or any amount–to show her how awesome you think she is for doing this (It means a lot more when I’m not the one saying it.).


Mother Shaffer


1473133645_726dfedeb1I’m sure there are slews of marketing-types who can show me all kinds of statistics to illustrate how wrong I am on this. And yes, I’m sure there are some lonely old folks who buy stuff just to talk to someone on the phone and I’m equally sure there are still a whole bunch of dumb idiots who fall for the same old school lame marketing tricks. But do they make it a success?

I don’t think so.

Because for every bad tactic, there is a horde of us who hate you for it. And we’ll never tell YOU what we think. We’ll simply stop buying your product and promptly tell EVERYONE we know not to buy your product. The damage can’t be found in a presentation or a white paper. But it’s real and you should listen up (because I’m always right). Read the rest of this entry »

Something I’ve realized since adopting our dog last year is that dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds are as individual as people. And they, like us, are all capable of being exceptional–exceptionally strong, exceptionally smart or exceptionally destructive–depending in the circumstances.

The Shaffer dog has proven himself to be exceptional too–wise beyond his years–and has taught me a lot about how silly we humans can be when we hide our true selves or doubt our capabilities.

Here are some things that I admire about my dog: Read the rest of this entry »

What do I want for Mother Day? The same thing I wish for every year–a day without my family.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my husband and daughter. They are great. But does Mother’s Day scream a new diamond necklace to me? No–because last I checked, my husband was not my son, so he’s off the hook as far as buying me a gift (no matter what Kay Jewelers and Jane Seymour would like us all to think).

Nope. I just want to leave the house and not come back ALL DAY. And I don’t want to check in either and see what the other half is up to. Nope. I want to just get my car and go do whatever the heck I feel like doin’.

Is that so wrong?